Dr. Elemér László

Degree PhD
Tudományos besorolás Research associate
Organizational job Researcher
Telephely 4026 Debrecen, Bem tér 18/c
Office VII/102
Extension 11278
Organizational unit
Status  Aktív
MTMT 10030610
Other information

 List of publications considered important:


Varga, T., Fisher,R. E., France, J.L., Haszpra, L., Jull, A.J.T., Lowry, D., Major, I., Molnár, M., Nisbet, E.G. László, E. 2021. Identification of potential methane source regions in Europe using δ13CCH4 measurements and trajectory modeling. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH: ATMOSPHERES (D1 – IF: 4,26) Paper


Jull, A.J.T., Panyushkina, I.P., Molnár, M., Varga, T., Wacker, T., Brehm, N., László, E., Baisan, C., Salzer, M.W., Tegel, W., 2021. Rapid 14C excursion at 3372-3371 BCE not observed at two different locations. NATURE COMMUNCICATION 12, 712 (D1 – IF: 14.919) Paper


László E., Palcsu L., Leelőssy Á., 2020. Estimation of the solar-induced natural variability of the tritium concentration of precipitation in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 233 117605. (Q1 – IF: 4,798) Paper


Szabó, S., Laszló, E., Kovács, Z., Püspöki, Z., Kertész, Á., Sudhir, K. S., & Balázs, B. 2019. NDVI dynamics as reflected in climatic variables: spatial and temporal trends – a case study of Hungary. GISCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING 57, 1–21. (D1 – IF: 5.965) Paper


Palcsu, L., Morgenstern, U., Sültenfuss, J., Koltai, G., László, E., Temovski, M., … Jull, A.. 2018. Modulation of Cosmogenic Tritium in Meteoric Precipitation by the 11-year Cycle of Solar Magnetic Field Activity. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8, 1, 12813. (D1 – IF: 4,011) Paper


László, E., Salavec, P. 2018. Relationship between weather conditions advantageous for the development of urban heat island and atmospheric macrocirculation changes. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 38, 3224–3232. (Q1 – IF: 3,601) Paper



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Role in scientific community

2010 - Hungarian Meteorological Society, member
2011 -  Momentum Doctorandus, founding member
2018 - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member
2020 - Transcarpathian Hungarian Academic Council, member

2021 - Hungarian Geographical Society, member


Achievements, awards

2022 - Academic Youth Award, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2021 - János Bolyai Research Fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, János Bolyai Research Fellowship Board

2020 - Elemér Szádeczky-Kardoss Award by: X. Department of Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2019 - Alfréd Hille Award by: Hungarian Meteorological Society


Past, Preset, Future Climate                                     University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences

Isotope application in hydrometeorology              University of Debrecen, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences 

Isotope application in hydrometeorology              Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Meteorology

Paleoclimatology                                                            ELTE, Department of Meteorology/UD, Department of Mineralogy and Geology 

Chemical processes in the atmosphere                     Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Meteorology

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