Analytical technics in heritage science

Head of research group Dr. Zita Szikszai
Nature of topic Topic for young scientist

Heritage science is a relatively new term for complex research on our cultural and natural heritage, encompassing its management, conservation, interpretation and documentation. The material part of our heritage is characterized not only by its form and style, but also by its physical properties, from which information of historical significance can be extracted with proper interpretation. The aim of the research is to apply various ion beam analytical techniques (such as particle induced X-ray emission - PIXE) and other imaging spectroscopic methods (micro-XRF, electron microscopy, Raman microscopy) in the study of archaeological finds and artefacts. The results of the experiments provide information on the condition of the object (for example before and after preservation), the technology of its preparation and the origin of the raw materials. The research is carried out in the framework of domestic and international interdisciplinary collaborations, mainly with partnering museums.