Investigation of atmospheric particulate matter with ion-beam analytical techniques

Head of research group Dr. Zsófia Kertész
Nature of topic Topic for young scientist

Air pollution is one of the main environmental problem in our days. Atmospheric aerosol is one of the most significant pollutant in urban air, therefore the determination of their origin and concentration is of primary importance for understanding their effects on the environment and human health. Traffic is known to be a major source of urban aerosol pollution, and the concentrations of aerosol pollutants is usually higher along roads than in urban background areas. According to the report by the Central Statistical Office (KSH), people spend an average of 1-1.5 hours a day with traveling, including the use of public transport.

One objective of the research is to determine the level, chemical composition and possible sources of aerosol pollution on public transport vehicles of different types and age. Another goal of the present work is to characterize geographic origin of urban particulate matter pollution using various statistical methods, receptor and dispersion modelling.