2nd International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference

Esemény megnevezése 2nd International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference
Time 03/07/2017 - 2017-07-07 16:00
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Place Debrecen
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Continuing the successful first 14C in the Environment Conference held in Belfast in 2014, we encourage discussion of recent developments and future perspectives of science with radiocarbon in the fields of ecology and environmental change.

The conference will be organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Atomki) in Debrecen. The Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies (HEKAL) at Atomki has four decades’ experience in radiocarbon studies (www.radiocarbon.hu).


The scientific scope of the conference follows most of the well-received features of the previous Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference:
Radiocarbon in

  • the atmosphere (CO2 and other trace gases, aerosol)
  • terrestrial environment (tree rings, macrofossils, sediments, animals, etc.)
  • freshwater environment (including groundwater and karstic systems)
  • marine environment
  • past and recent climate studies (regional and global changes)
  • in-situ isotope applications (in rocks and meteorites)
  • anthropogenic (fossil and nuclear) pollution, (bio)fuels

Related studies will also be welcome, as well as stable isotopes and a session on development and progress in techniques, methods and statistical tools.


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E-mail contact: 14cenv2017@gmail.com